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Just a little history of ME!
   I’ve been baking just about all my adult life, when I was younger my mom catered weddings and made wedding cakes.  She did all this from our home and we were able to help out a lot.  She owned and operated her own bakery, "The Donut House & Cake Shop" some years later where I worked early morning hours with her making donuts. 
In 2010 I began making cookie platters for a church fundraiser, this is where “Tracy’s Sweet Connection" was born
 My business is “per call” and anything ordered is made fresh to order
I opened my kitchen at 188 E Telephone rd in 2017, it was a dream I had to be able to offer everything I did individually, I enjoyed everything we offered, I loved my customers, but unfortunately it was a little more than I wanted to handle, I needed more business revenue to continue operating...
with the overhead that is required with any business venture it just wasn't worth it for me... I have decided to return to a more simplified business of baking and desserts only...NO more catering! 
So we are writing our story currently...We closed the business November 1st 2019, and am working the rest of November at shop address and will be swithching everything over to my home to continue Tracy's Sweet Connections and my love of baking :) 
Thanks for visiting my website...
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