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Decorated Sugar Cookies
Seasonal Variety Sets (include different sizes)
Range from $28-38 per Dozen
I allow 2 designs per dozen for my dozen prices
Medium (one design) $28.00 + a dozen
Large (one design) $32.00 + a dozen
X-Large(one design) $35.00 + a dozen
The per-dozen price is for simple decorated cookies, the more detail (and or colors) 
your cookie has the cost will be figured at time of consultation! 
Give me a call or text a picture of what you are needing to 337-764-7154
We offer many different Sizes and shapes
Our cookies are covered using a glaze that I created, we can color it whatever
color you need, it is NOT a hard crunchy glaze, it is firm but soft... we do 
detail using a royal frosting that will dry hard/crunchy...
Cookie Platters
Large Platters $55.00  8 dozen Cookie variety   Small Platters  $35.00  5 doz. Cookie Variety


  • • Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • • Peanut butter Cookie
  • • Sugar Cookie
  • • Jelly Cookie
  • • Mini Pecan Pie
  • • Lemon Blossoms
  • • Sand Tarts
  • • Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
  • • Mini M&M Cookie


Christmas / Holiday  Platters

may include:
Fudge - Chocolate, Oreo Cream, Strawberry Cream, Peanut butter
Truffles - Peanut butter, Oreo Almond Cookie
Cake Balls truffles
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