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Check out my facebook page, I have a lot of my desserts pictured there!

All Desserts are Pre Order Only!! 



  • Lemon Cake Bites    (Shop favorite)       Full order 5 dozen        $28.00

  • Lemon Cake Bites    by the dozen                                                   $7.00 per dozen


      • Chocolate Bavarian Torte    8 inch round double                        $40.00

         (4 layer cake with a delicious cream and shaved chocolate in between each layer)


      • Almond Joy Cake                                                                              $40.00
    (They say I stole Almond Joys recipe with this one)


  • Tea Cakes  1 doz                                                                                 $15.00




New York Style 9 inch 

Plain $35.00

Flavors: Double Flavor $6 extra

Strawberry $44

Blueberry   $44

Raspberry  $50

Praline Pecan $48

Turtle Pecan   $48

Chocolate sauce w/Brownie $50

Caramel Butter Crunch $45

Carmel toffee Crunch $45

Snicker Caramel $45

Twix Caramel $45

Cookie Butter $45

Chocolate Chip Cookie dough $50

Cookie & Cream $45 

Peanut butter Dream $48

King Cake Cheesecake $48

Lemon Topped Cheesecake $45

Chocolate Mousse topped $48

Available Sheet Cakes  $35.00 each


Each sheet cake cuts 30 servings, come in Metal pan with top only frosted


“Birthday Cake” Vanilla w/vanilla buttercream frosting & sprinkles

“Vanilla Cake" w/light Chocolate frosting

"Vanilla Cake" w/Expresso Buttercream Frosting

“Buttered Pecan” w/caramel Buttercream

“Oohey Gooey Chocolate Cake” w/chocolate fudge frosting

“Triple Chocolate Cake” w/Chocolate frosting

“Strawberry Cake” w/Strawberry Buttercream frosting

“Red Velvet Cake” w/cream cheese frosting

“Coconut Cake” w/Marshmallow Frosting topped with coconut

• Sour Cream Coconut Cake with toasted coconut on top       8 inch round          $45.00

• Apple Cake w/caramel drizzle                1/4 Sheet pan                                              $35.00

• Hershey Brownies      (18 pieces cut)                                                                           $22.00

• Caramel Brownies  (18 pieces cut)    add chopped pecans $2.00                            $28.00
(Perfect balance of Chocolate and caramel…simply Awesome!)

• Chocolate Éclair Cake                                                           $22.00
(Delightful vanilla cream layered with graham crackers, topped with smooth chocolate)

• Lemon Meringue Pie                                                            $18.00

• Chocolate Meringue Pie                                                       $18.00

• Buttermilk Pie                                                                       $18.00
(Lemony custard filling baked to a golden brown)

• Cherry Cheese Pie                                                                 $18.00

• French Silk Pie                                                                      $18.00

• Delicious Apple Pie                                                               $18.00

• Pecan Pie                                                                               $22.00

• Coconut Cream Pie                                                               $18.00

• Boston Cream Pie                                                                  $22.00

• Lemon Ice Box Pie                                                                 $18.00

• Key Lime Pie                                                                          $25.00
                    (Creamy, tart & delicious)

• Amaretto Bread Pudding w/almonds          9x9 pan                        $22.00

• Peach, Blackberry or Blueberry Cobbler    9x13 pan size                  $22.00


• Sopapilla Cheese Cake   ½ order  $ 15.00  9x13 pan order  $25.00

• Crème Brulee Cheesecake bars                                                  $25.00

(Delicious sugar cookie crust with rich cheesecake filling topped with toffee bits!)

• Banana Pudding                                                                             $28.00 full  $65 ex Large pan

• Cherry or Blueberry  Delight               9x9 pan $15.00     9x13 $30.00
(Graham cracker crust, sweetened cream cheese layer, dream whip, topped with cherries or blueberries) 


• Mini Fruit tart cups 30 mini tarts with strawberries/blueberries on top    $22.00 

• Chocolate Yummy                                                                    $30.00 full  $65 ex Large pan
(butter crust with pecans, a layer of sweetened Cream cheese, a layer of Chocolate
pudding, topped with cool whip and shaved chocolate)


  • *Black Forest Cake    (8 inch round double) 

Rich chocolate cake, layered with dark sweet cherries & heavy cream!    $28.00


  • *Snicker Doodle Cake          8 inch round double                                    $45.00


  • *Italian Cream Cake        8 inch round double  

Delicious cake with coconut & pecans baked in, layered with a yummy cream cheese

Frosting and coated in pecans! Yum                                                          $45.00


  • *Lemon Bars                                                                                            $30.00

  • German Chocolate Cake          8 inch round double                          $35.00


  • *Ding Dong Cake          9 inch round double                                        $45.00

  Delicious Chocolate Cake with an amazing cream filling 

   topped with Chocolate ganache & strawberries!                                

  • Chantilly Cake            8 inch round double                                              $55.00

Moist Vanilla Cake filled with our specialty cream cheese filling, & 

 frosted w/ lightly sweetened Heavy whipped cream and topped with

Apricot glaze sugared fresh fruit (assorted berries)

  • Cake Balls  --  any flavor        (vanilla or chocolate coating)        $18.00 a dozen

  • Cake Pops --  any flavor         (vanilla or chocolate coating)           $20.00 dozen

      Cake Pops can be decorated with different fun sprinkles only (I do not write on them)




                                 If you don't see it on my menu, just ASK!!  :)



More Awesome Desserts to come as the tasting continues 

​337-764-7154 cell


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